Patch Notes - 5/17/15

In order to support some of the new things for the account drive, we needed code, hence the patch. Things of note:

- Blessing of the Gods is now a thing. It functions similarly to a Golden Beast, except you will not know what zone it might appear in, and it can look like anything in that zone. The server will be reminded of its existence every 10 minutes when it appears. Hailing (NOT KILLING) it will bless the server with a global experience bonus for a few hours!

- Tokens of Ascendance are in game. These rare treats will be rewards during the account drive. As to what they do, well, when we dole out the first one, we'll tell ya. :)

- Mob swarm pets (NOT players) should be targetable so they are easier to kill

- Drop rate for world drops is temporarily doubled so that new players can get some gear more easily.

Watch for additional events coming up for the donation drive! If you haven't already, consider donating to our advertising/server promotion fund at For those of you who have donated, thank you so much for supporting the server!

  Sun May 17, 2015 - taryth

May 2015 Account Drive Has Begun!

The 2015 Account Drive has begun! Please visit to make a "special" donation to help us advertise and build up the server!

Over the next few weeks, we will be running special events and giving away lots of cool stuff. Encourage your friends to come play, or maybe return! And yes, we will certainly have a bonus experience period after the donations have completed, as well as the lottery and such that players love. But we've also got some new things to offer as well, including GM-driven events and a global event that we think the entire server will enjoy. :)

Follow us on Facebook for the latest information, and keep an eye on the forums as well!

  Wed May 13, 2015 - taryth

Patch Notes - 5/11/15

More Beastlord Changes
Hopefully I've found a happy medium on beastlords now, particularly with mimic. The latest changes are here:

- Pets will NOT benefit from Shared Power AA while in mimic stance. This was just skewing numbers too far. The downside to this is that pets hit substantially less (in some cases less than base) which would be very complicated to fix. As such, the compromises are:
- AEs will now once again have a 100% chance to mimic, though they shouldn't "overmimic" now (basically N^2 mimics based on number of targets!)
- Beneficial spells will also be allowed to mimic IF you are in combat. This shouldn't be much of a restriction
- Cunning, Soothing and Runic 1 pet will NOT mimic. I may add additional exceptions later, but right now these are the three that are of most interest
- The Endurance bump from Companion Surge just wasn't what I wanted. To compensate, I've made the CS line add ATK instead, made it a small bard-style duration buff and lowered the cost on /s 8 slightly

Once again, I am going to let changes settle a bit before making more changes. I think this is going to be pretty close to what I want. Yes, I still need to put in pet AA survivability and some itemization stuff, but I can do that at any time. I want to get core changes down.

Other Changes
- Feign Death and DA will now interrupt Abstraction of Flame. Both spells are intended to prevent additional spell casts. Abstraction is a little unique in how it's processed which is why this was excluded. If you've been using it as intended, you will see no change. ;)
- You will no longer be able to proc your own chest reactive slots

  Mon May 11, 2015 - taryth

Pro Tip

Do not let kids near keyboards. That is all.


  Tue May 05, 2015 - taryth

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